With the experience gained over the years, our workshop is able to produce high quality bodies, whether for cutting wood, light alloys, iron or diamond blades, thanks to the combination of machine tools and a careful and expert workforce we always supply a product suitable for the needs of the customer. Production begins in the office and follow a ladder that turns the raw material into a semi-ready for the next welding and finishing.


The care we have made us to cover these phases:

- Design of the blade or processing of the drawing sent to us by the customer;

- Laser cutting blade on our special steel (75Cr1 Hardened HRC 42-44);

- Tempering in the oven for a better workability;

- Making the center hole in H7 (Ø 6 to Ø > 200);

- Control of the body's accumulated internal tension with special machines;

- Adjustment to thickness with tolerances +- 0,02 mm;

- Body straightening to have a heel of less than 0,1 mm;

- Clean of the tip seat from the oven's oxide to encourage better welding carbide;

- Rust protection with a special emulsion (if required);

- Packaging for shipping.


Our production of bodies varies depending on the customer's requirements to meet every need with the following limits:

- Ø max = 600 mm;

- Th. max with 75Cr1 hardened = 5 mm.


The shapes of the tooth does not have influence on the cost and we can make any profile of the tooth, a fundamental requirement for us to realize the design is:

- Hook angle;

- Tip seat length;

- Tooth shape desired.


Alternatively, the customer can send us his drawing that we'll work and achieve. The drawing is accepted if it will sent in .dxf (or .dwg) formats.



We ask 6/7 business days for order fulfillment for special bodies, except in special cases.

We are willing to provide samples of our work to assess for themselves and in action the quality of our products.




We can realize pieces over drawing or sample with thicknesses and quantities desired.


The materials that we have available are: harmonic steel (75Cr1 Hardened HRC 42-44) up to 5 mm, pickled sheet S235JR up to 15 mm thick, 304 stainless steel up to 5 mm thick and 316L stainless steel only 5 mm thick.


Also we have available a bending machine for all those applications that require the folds of carpentry, for particular with thicknesses up to 10 mm, a length of 3 m, compatibly with the specifications of the particular and thickness, for bends angled but not radiused. We realize, on request, flares and threads.

For any request contact us, we are hoping for a future collaboration.